27 November 2009

You're Allergic to What?!

You have to check out this blog written by my good friend Liz. See, Liz is allergic to most foods. Literally. And now she blogs about her journey finding foods that won't make her sick, and still taste yummy.

Given that people with Down syndrome are at increased risk for Celiac disease (and many of the parents who visit my blog have a child with Celiac disease) and must avoid wheat/gluten, or perhaps you're one of millions of people who cannot eat dairy, or perhaps, like Sheridan, you are allergic to soy... whatever your food "issue" might be, I thought you might find Liz's blog very informative, helpful, and fun. Because that's just who she is :)


  1. She has a cute blog and looks like a good sense of humor regarding all that she's allergic to. I love how most of what she's posting is about dessert. One cannot live without dessert :-)

  2. thanks for sharing the link; since Kayla has celiac disease I'll be bookmarking her blog!