07 November 2011

He looooooooves his letters (& numbers)

Sheridan has been interested in letters for a long time now, and one of his favorite toys is this alphabet puzzle:

Because he's doing so well on his letters (can recognize them, knows most of the sounds, etc.) I figured I would dust off his Montessori sandpaper letters and sell them on Craig's List. Sheridan had other plans.

These particular letters have been sitting on his shelf in the living room and he hasn't touched them in over a year - hence my plan to sell them - but I guess the novelty got to him. You'll see in the first half that I just show him letters and he names them (some he says the name; others he says an approximation - like L is "luh," G is a guttural German /g/ with /ee/ tagged on the end, and W is "voo"; and some he has trouble saying - like Q, he says "doh" or "doo").

I'm so proud of the hard work he's done to really learn his letters and letter sounds. He's just thirsty for all things letters, reading, books, etc. so he gets lots of practice because he loves it so much.

The second half of the video I started filming as he was helping me clean up because he went back through them on his own. Very cute :)

I guess I'll be keeping them around, maybe (unless somebody out there wants to buy them? I also have the lowercase sandpaper letters, they make a nice set --> toothy grin!). I still need to buy the cursive sandpaper letters because his school teaches writing in cursive. "Seriously?" you ask me... Yep. (As an aside, how and why the Montessori method teaches the letters in the specific way they do - starting with the sandpaper letters - is very interesting if you're interested in checking it out)

Oh, and here's bonus counting footage. He loves to count to 10, and he's started trying to count to 20 (he can approximate eleven and twelve, then has a bunch of jumbled "tees" - teens - before finally at some point deciding there's been enough teens and proclaiming "teh-tee!" for 20). But, in our house he LOVES his number line - points out every number and says it, so when he wanted to show off for Daddy I grabbed my iPhone. At which point Sheridan decided he wanted to be behind the camera.

Ready for his directorial debut, I suppose. Check it out :)


  1. Wanna come and steal your child!! To cute for words.

  2. Great videos! We have a the letter puzzle and have had a lot of fun with that, but I need to steal your numbers on the wall. Cool!

  3. Very cool! Oh, and it looks like the number line is the one from DSFOC's Learning Program. Are you doing that program? If so, what are your thoughts?