18 August 2012

4th Birthday Bash

This year our little backyard could not contain Sheridan's birthday celebration. Between 36 children in his class and all of his friends outside of school, there was simply no way to do one of my do-it-yourself parties and keep my sanity. And truth be told, I've found a new admiration (the more parties Sheridan attends) for those parents who find places where you show up, the kids have fun, and you leave. No set up, no clean up, just pay and play. 

So we rented Funderland for Sheridan's birthday party. We had the whole park to ourselves (we had 100+ kids on the guest list and the parents who accompanied them - hey, if you're going to invite 70 kids, why not 112?). It felt safe, secure, and best of all for the kids, no lines! The only thing extra I did was feed the crowd (courtesy of the amazing crew at Magpie Caterers - everybody loved the food, from carnivores to vegans!).

Everybody had a great time... especially the parents! It was fun to throw a party that everyone enjoyed (and that was SO easy to do).

First things first (because I know you're all wondering)...

The Cake

Everyone knows that the cake is a big deal around these parts. Primarily because Jennifer (a former student of mine turned cake goddess who owns Salt Cake City in Utah) makes his cake (styrofoam inside, real fondant and sugar decorations on the outside) and ships it to me each year. I give her the theme or basic idea, but very little direction (other than, "make it big"). It is always a complete surprise when it arrives. I love it.

This year, for the first time ever, Sheridan cake was based on his favorite book (rather than his favorite song). I recommend you check out his 1st birthday cake, 2nd birthday cake, and 3rd birthday cake, too. 

Buddy's favorite book is Kisses for Daddy. He reads it nonstop (he has the story completely memorized) and it is a staple at nap and bedtime. 

Here's his cake:

This is what it looked like before it shipped. As with all of his birthday cakes, there's a bit of doctoring I need to do after shipping damage. This year, I was worried I wouldn't be able to save the cake (the US Postal Service did a doozy on it), but after a few hours of using corn syrup to put the broken pieces back together like a mosaic, it was good to go!

I used everything from different colored sharpies to color in the areas with missing fondant, to finding the broken pieces and glueing them back together.

The finished product at the party... you wouldn't know unless you were up close and looking for it!

Sheridan loved his cake, and so did all the other children.

Now, just a big photo dump of all the fun!

This is "Baby David" - Becca's nephew. Sheridan loves make "funny faces" to make Baby David smile.

Sofia came dressed and ready for the circus ;-)
LOVING the carrousel with Nonna.

Even Gary was required to strap himself in on the carrousel.

Driving the cars with Grandpa.

Let me tell you, riding the spinning teacups while pregnant wasn't the best idea I've ever had.
Took me 10  minutes to see straight.

Cake is fake, remember? So we did grab and go cupcakes so nobody missed out on too much action.
144 "regular" cupcakes, 36 vegan gluten- and soy-free cupcakes

He loves his Nonna.
And his Grandpa and Nanny Airplane.

Every day (often more than once a day), his friend Maddie points to her cheek and says, "Kissy!" And every time he complies with a little kiss. 

Emma & Eva are 6-year-old twin sisters from Sheridan's class (they are now in 1st grade and no longer his classmates, sadly). They are, without a doubt, his best friends. He adores them (and their younger sister Lara who IS gratefully still in his class, and especially their mom Miss Viva). These girls have the biggest hearts and were amazing friends, guides, peer models, and peer support for him during his first year of school. They challenged him, helped him grow more independent, and they love him sincerely. Love these girls!

Emma and Sheridan driving.

Eva and Sheridan flying tandem.

Sheridan has so many friends at school, and one person who is extra special to him is his Spanish immersion teacher, Martina. I've written about their special bond previously. Sheridan LOVES Martina.

 Happy 4th Birthday, Sheridan!

So happy to celebrate every single day with you, Buddy!

Thank you to my friend Michelle Marrone for the photos!


  1. What a wonderful party, beautiful pictures! I love the one of you in the teacup. That is some cleanup job you did on the cake.

  2. What a wonderful birthday for Sheridan!!! Congrats on your pregnancy as well. Have missed out on blogging... Hope all is well with you all.