02 July 2012

Spanish Immersion

Sheridan's Montessori class has three teachers - a head teacher (Martha) and two assistant teachers (Leticia and Martina). Martina happens to be the Spanish Immersion teacher - she speaks exclusively Spanish to the children. Sheridan loves all three of his teachers (truly, truly LOVES them), but Martina holds a very special, unique place in his heart.

Speaking of Spanish, Sheridan has picked up so much this year... his vocabulary continues to grow, and I was amazed a couple weeks ago when Martina had a full-blown conversation with Sheridan in Spanish. I didn't understand what she was saying (ok, I understood one word - literally one word), but Sheridan was fully attentive and engaged, responded in Spanish to her (1-2 word phrases), and did precisely what she asked.

He LOVES learning Spanish songs (well, ALL songs) at school. When he comes home with a new song it typically takes me about a week to figure out what he's singing - if it takes longer than that and I'm still stumped, I know to ask what songs Martina has been teaching the children!

Here's Sheridan singing one of his favorites: La Pulga de San Jose. This video was taken right before bed a couple weeks ago and he's SUPER sleepy, but you can still make out some of the lyrics which I found online.

Apraxia be damned... this boy is learning a foreign language!


  1. That is amazing! Someone was just telling me they wanted to put their 3 yr old in a Spanish immersion program. I'll have to let them know about your success :)

  2. LOVE YOU, Sheridan, my sweet little Spanish-singing buddy :-)