27 October 2011

Apraxia Update II

My last update on Apraxia and Sheridan's speech therapy included a video taken six months ago. I decided it was time to do an updated video now that Sheridan is working on more advanced sets of Kaufman cards, and you get to see him work on over 50 cards. You'll see him signing some of the words, along with saying them (I think my favorite is turtle... so freaking cute). And, of course, he still benefits from PROMPT. If you haven't checked out the video in that last post, it's worth it to see how far he's come in only six months.

The biggest differences you'll likely notice are:
  • he is able to produce vowel sounds without the extreme frustration he used to experience
  • his SLP (the Amazing Jane) is doing more work on correct articulation instead of simply focusing on the production of specific sounds (he still has a long way to go, but the difference is huge - she can actually work with him on how fluidly he says some words, and work on clarity)
One thing that's not different... he's still SUPER adorable :)

And this week, when he ran out of grapes at snack time, he said to me, spontaneously, "Mommy, more grapes please." A FOUR-WORD phrase! Yes, grapes and please were approximations, but they were pretty darn good approximations. 

So exciting to see his speech taking off right now...



  1. Oh my goodness Lisa, I can't wait to meet Sheridan at the Christmas party!! He is adorable.

  2. Oh, and I forgot to say, what a difference!! He si working so hard and it is paying off.

  3. wow, lisa. that was awesome! what a big little dude. thx for sharing :)