11 October 2010

Sheridan's Birthday Bash

This post is long overdue... 

Sheridan had 28 friends - TWENTY-EIGHT toddlers and infants - take over our backyard. It was SO much fun - I set up 9 different stations around the backyard so the kids would have lots of opportunities to explore and have fun. We had everything from moon sand to painting, water play to ball pits, handprint souvenirs to oobleck (which, by the way, was more of a hit with the parents than the kids!). The invitations told everyone to "dress to get messy" - and we meant it! 

I'm not going to write much, just let the pictures (and there's LOTS of 'em!) tell the story :) 

I loooooooove this cake!

Simple, yummy food :)

Party favors :)

We even had an infant play area for the babies!

Sheridan greeted everyone and walked them back to the party

Painting was probably the favorite activity among the kids!

The sand table was a good place for the little ones to congregate :)

Each child had a canvas square they could decorate however they wanted to take home as a souvenir

Moon sand - you can mold it, it never dries out, and always returns to "sand" - a weird consistency and great for sensory play!

Homemade, organic, oatmeal play-dough

We also had music at the party... as you can see, Sheridan was eager for the music to start!

I love how these three are playing together

Music time!

This is probably my favorite picture... here's Sheridan standing in the middle of everyone, shaking his booty to his favorite song. It's like he's on Solid Gold and he's dancing for a prize!

Nonna feeding Sheridan cake

Of course, his Becca was there

All in all, it was a fantastic party. It was so much fun. I'm sad Gary had to miss it, but I'm glad he insisted that we go ahead with the party. 

The children love it. Some partied until they literally passed out...

Others didn't want to leave, even after 3 hours of hard play they were still going at it...

I'm just glad everyone had so much fun and Sheridan got to celebrate his birthday with so many friends!

Happy second birthday, Buddy!


  1. What a great celebration for a fabulous boy!

  2. Super awesome party, Lisa. GREAT photos. I missed the oobleck table with chasing John Michael and taking care of Luke. My other 3 don't have 28 friends betweent them! Our group is amazing...

  3. Looks like this was the birthday party of the year! Happy Birthday Sheridan!!

  4. Wonderful pictures!!! Did someone do them for you? The party looks like it was so much fun!

  5. Love the party idea! Gonna steal it! Photos are beautiful and the kids look like they are having a blast. Happy happy birthday Sheridan!

  6. Wow that was the party of the year!

  7. Did someone finally get that new camera?

  8. So much fun! Happy birthday Sheridan!!

  9. wow what an awesome birthday bash that was!

  10. Are you a party planner too? Looked like soooo much fun!! xoxo

  11. Wow - you really know how to party. Looks like so much fun!

  12. It looks like an absolutely epic party. And I'm madly in love with that cake. Cakewrecks has a feature where they show awesome cakes (instead of all the crazy cakes they normally post) and you should submit it to be a Sunday Sweet! It is SO CUTE