22 October 2010

Steppin' Up for Sheridan

Last weekend was the sixth annual walk for the Down Syndrome Information Alliance. Step Up for Down Syndrome is our way to raise awareness, advocate, and get the whole community together.

Last year was our first walk we ever attended, and this is how many of us "Sisters" there were (well our babies anyway!):

Look at those babies!

That's it. We knew four other families, and met Grace (far left) and her family for the first time at the walk last year.

And now? We have over 30 families in our Sisterhood... and I couldn't even get a picture our group was so big and scattered!

But here's what I did capture... FYI, the pics aren't very good this year - my camera is on the fritz and I was working the event so I barely spent time with my team, a mistake I won't make again next year :)

First, I have to share the DSIA walk t-shirt design (a big thank you to designer Carrie Dennis who made my vision for a great t-shirt come alive!):

Sacramento Fire Department came out to support our community, and Sheridan was thrilled with the fire trucks (especially those HUGE shiny wheels).

We started in the middle of the pack (you can easily spot Team Gabalicious in their orange and purple get-ups).

See those balloons? Those belong to a few Sister families who formed the Sisterhood team (some of us did our own teams, some joined as one huge consolidated team - it was awesome!).


One of Sheridan's favorite friends... Gabby! 

And a Playette sighting!!!! All tutu-ed out!!!!

The littlest walker on our team :)

The coolest thing... this was Sheridan's first year he walked the walk.

Holding Nonna's hand. 

Of course, his Becca was there to support him 

And look who else walked her first walk! Grace!

And I do mean that she *literally* walked the whole walk.

She lasted about 5 seconds in Sheridan's stroller before she insisted on walking again.

Although at one point she did decide to take a break. Just plopped herself down where she pleased.

Sheridan walked maybe a third of the walk (on and off throughout the whole mile), but he was just as happy riding on Nonna's shoulders.


And he was eager to help Wes push his baby sister.

All in all it was a great walk. We raised money for an excellent organization that does so much to support the Ds community here. And we were thrilled to have so many friends and family (37!) come out to support Sheridan (and the entire community!) again...


P.S. you know those babies I showed you from last year? FIVE of them walked the walk this year for the first time :)  - and the youngest is on his way to walk-hood :)


  1. Awesome. WOW look at how much those babies have grown over the year. Precious!

  2. EXCELLENT JOB, Lisa and Sheridan and Linda and etc!! Maybe next year I can join all of you!
    Love ya!

  3. I love the T-Shirt design, Lisa!!! Thanks for sharing your pictures!

  4. SOOOOO awesome! I wonder if Hector let Joaquin "walk" his first walk....I'll have to ask him :)

  5. Great pictures! It looks like it was a great day!

  6. Oh, I love seeing your view of the walk! I can't get over how mature Mr. S is looking these days.

    I'm so not ready for them all to grow up and I'm looking forward to witnessing it, all at the same time.

  7. Awesome photos. Doug let John Michael walk for a few minutes, but it was clear he wanted to go wander off on the grass and not be on the road. I guess I trained him well :-) There were so many people this year and we were at the front... I was afraid of him getting lost or trompled so he ended up on Doug's shoulders and then in the wagon. I still LOVE that first photo when we first started getting to know each other. I will treasure that photo, but also the ones to come. I loved your t-shirts. Sheridan is so handsome!

  8. LOVED reading this post!!!!!