19 October 2010

Sheridan's First Patch...

of the pumpkin variety :)

Today I took Buddy to a H-U-G-E pumpkin patch today. And some of his friends met us there...

He was stoked and ready to go (it might have something to do with the fact that I made up a silly song about going to the pumpkin patch and sang it the whole way there - hoping I wasn't over-promising the experience).

I had a cute fall-colored outfit ready to go, but Gary vetoed any outfit with orange. Apparently one is not to wear orange at a pumpkin patch for fear of the pumpkins competing with your stylishness. Whatever. Sheridan looks good in any color, so bring on the purple!

Aaaaaaaand he's off...

Of course, one must always check out the Cool Bus. Especially when you're totally cool.

He found his pumpkin in 15 seconds flat...

but I encouraged him to keep looking for something a little more, um, manageable...

Much better! Of course, I planned for us to pick out a pumpkin in the field, so we left this one here just in case he didn't find another one that lived up to his expectations.

But first, a train ride.

Waiting patiently for the train...

We all piled in...

We were there with Annelies & Marco, Gracie & William, RJ (a recent addition to our local group here!), Joaquin & Sofia, and other friends/family.

Meet little RJ and his mom Irma. Such a cute little guy... and so glad to have Irma in our Sisterhood!

Going through the pumpkin tunnel...

We saw horses, goats, pigs, tractors, cows, donkeys, roosters... and adorable little girls on the train ride.

Gracie Girl

We attempted a group kiddo shot, but this was the best I got. By the time the other kids were squeezed onto the bench, there were too many tears (from my little guy at least) for me to snap anything.

Now off to the field o' pumpkin.

Waiting for his very first hay ride, Sheridan was singing with his buddies as we waited for the tractor to take us out to the pumpkins.

"Slippery Fish" is a favorite around these parts - you can always tell by the "Ohhhhhh, Noooooo!"

Once we were underway, somebody got a little excited about it all :)

Somebody else was just as excited about her very first hay ride :)  Sofia loved it!

And then we arrived...

 It was HUGE. Enormous. No way we'd be leaving this place without a pumpkin.

Sheridan walked around a bit...

And then he spotted it...

His pumpkin. He signed "please" at least 20 times.

But then I realized he didn't want the pumpkin. He just wanted to sit on it. He's pretty happy about that seat.

He tried out a few pumpkin seats. This one was juuuuuuuuust right...

...for Grace to join him. He was pretty happy about that, too.

Grace on the other hand wasn't so sure about the new furniture.

So Sheridan tried to help her ease in to it.

But she preferred a flatter surface. Actually, all the kids loved the dirt, rocks, hay, mud.

Group shot! Sort of.

Then we hopped the hayride back to the farm where we ate yummy fall dishes like pumpkin pie and apple dumplings with warm cider sauce (to die for).

We caught a story telling session with Mother Goose and the three little pigs.

A few of us stayed until midday and played in the maze.

And what's a trip to the farm without helping them move some gravel?

Oh, and that pumpkin for Sheridan?

Totally forgot it.

Despite lots of opportunities to choose a squash or gourd of limitless varieties...

I completely forgot to grab the boy a pumpkin. 

Between you and me, I don't think he noticed or cared. 


  1. Looks like it was a fantastic trip to the pumpkin patch. We need to find a patch like that around here. :-) Sheridan is impossibly cute in all those photos you took along with all his buddies that joined in the fun.

  2. What fun! Wish we would have been there with you all! It completely cracks me up that you could leave Bishop's without a pumpkin. The place is the Disneyland of pumpkin patches. So much to do! Looks like a perfectly perfect morning. Love you guys!

  3. How fun! I really could've used some sista time today! I love the photos of all five "pumpkins" in the patch. Precious!

  4. WOW what a fantastic day, a great pumpkin patch and terrific buddies to share it with!
    You are absolutely right....Sheridan looks handsome in any color!

  5. Oh this is too funny! After all that, no pumpkin?!

    Thanks for sharing! I feel like I got to spend the day with you. It was fun! :)

  6. What a fun day! The pictures are beautiful! Where did you guys go?

  7. Wow! I know I see that sweet boy every single week but something about these pics is SCREAMING "Big BOY!!" I cannot even get over it. Especially the one of him sitting on that pumpkin. Sweet boy :)

  8. It was SUCH fun! And that apple dumpling, oh my...to die for! Thanks for sharing, since my child devoured almost an entire slice of Pumpkin pie (fiber, right??)

  9. Looks like it was a beautiful day for the pumpkin patch and all the kids had a blast!