22 August 2010

(Minor) Spider Surgery

Remember Sheridan's first birthday cake? Well, my friend (and former student) Jennifer did it again... and she managed to outdo herself! (By the way, you really need to click on her link to check out her talent!)

Jennifer made Sheridan's birthday cake and shipped it to us all the way from Salt Lake City. Granted, it was a fake cake, but it looked like a real, decorated cake (it was actually styrofoam inside).

The theme?

Well, Itsy Bitsy Spider is definitely Sheridan's jam lately. I mean, from the moment he first wakes up, to during meals, to riding in the car, he is constantly putting his fingers together to make his spider. Letting us know he wants to get down to the best jam about a spider that was ever written.

And this year I didn't even need vodka to put the thing together.

Here's how the cake arrived when I unpacked it:

Some assembly required (notice the instructions and diagrams Jennifer included to make sure I didn't screw up)... the top spider:

The bottom spider:

And here's how it went down (c'mon, sing with me now)...

The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout.

Down came the rain and washed the spider out.

Out came the sun and dried up all the rain, and the itsy bitsy spider went up the spout again.


Sheridan LOVED his cake... but this is just a teaser :)  I'll have more birthday party pictures soon!

P.S. Yes, we did serve slices of real cake at his party.


  1. The cake was SOOOOOO beautiful! AND DELICIOUS! =)

  2. Two of my most favorite birthday cakes ever are your monkey and spider cakes!!!!!

  3. Ooh- that is almost as precious as Sheridan! That song is Abby's fave right now too. Throughout the day I'll ask her where her spiders are and she puts her hands out for a little assist in 'singing' the song.

  4. I think this is the best cake I have ever seen, Lisa. I loved it!!!

  5. That cake is fantastic! No wonder he loved it.

  6. I loved last year's cake and this one, too. Funny, I didn't even realize it was the Itsy Bitsy Spider! I knew it was a blue spider, but didn't put the pieces together! John Michael loves the song, too. So cute.

  7. Lisa, as always, you have amazing fondant-surgery skills. I'm SO glad you liked it and more importantly that Sheridan loved it :) I love that so far our themes have centered around Sheridan's favorite songs and I look forward to making many, many more cakes inspired by his songs. Next year, I'm going to have Gary draw up some sketches for me ;) hehe. Happy Birthday, Sheridan!!

  8. Ahhh ... the perfect cake ... brings a huge smile to my face as I think of you sitting in the living room singing that song to Sheridan and his great big smile ... just warms my heart!