17 August 2009

Twenty-one Things I Love About You

Exactly one year ago I was in labor with Sheridan. And now, on the eve of his first birthday, I am amazed at everything he has accomplished in his short 12 months. So many things people (and websites) told me he might not accomplish because of his extra 21st chromosome. More importantly, on the eve of his birthday, I am still in awe of how much love such a little guy has to give...

In honor of your first birthday, Sheridan, here are 21 Things I Love About You:

21. You have taught are teaching me patience.

20. You have shown me when my Type A personality is a benefit (e.g., keeping all of your therapy and medical records organized) and when I need to let it go (e.g., I'm a little more tolerant of clutter... it's a losing battle and I have come to accept it).

19. Your self determination. Truth be told, you likely did inherit it from me, just don't tell your father I admitted it.

18. You work so hard at everything you do... and you are successful, in your own time, at everything you try. Way to prove the haters wrong!

17. No matter how exhausted I am, no matter how difficult my day might be, all you have to do is smile and I don't even notice any more. All that exists in that moment are your smile and love.

16. How much you love the Five Monkeys Jumping on the Bed song. It makes you happy, smile, giggle, and sing along no matter how upset you might be. It also tricks you into eating a veggie or two that you might not be crazy about.

15. Your first word was up because of how much you love Itsy Bitsy Spider. Ok, so you actually say "uh" for up, which just makes it even cuter.

14. You have brought so many amazing people into our lives. From families to therapists to bloggers. Our community has grown in amazing ways, and we're surrounded by many people who care about us, cheer us on, support us, and share in your triumphs.

13. Your frohawk. And after your frohawk was cut...

12. Your poof.

11. You clap your hands by (a) flapping your arms up and down or (b) taking my hands and clapping them together for me.

10. Your silly, fun personality.

9. When I say, "Kisses!" you either (a) plant a sweet, big, sloppy wet one on me - with lots of tongue, of course, or (b) you squint your right eye and scrunch up the right side of your face (as if to say, "Do I have to?!") and lean in to allow me to plant one on you.

8. The way you look at the world around you. Eager, excited, learning eyes full of wonder.

7. Because of you, your father and I love each other even more than we did before your birth. We didn't know that was possible, but you did it.

6. Your father and I can feel how much you love us by the way you look at us and touch us.

5. Your snuggles.

4. Your eyes. I can lose myself in them. I feel that I'm home whenever I look into those gorgeous eyes of yours.

3. Your giggle. Cutest thing ever.

2. Your smile. Absolutely contagious. And welcoming. And warm. Simply pure joy.

1. Your gentle soul.

I'm honored to be your mother, Buddy. I love being your mommy... Kisses!


  1. Awe,,that is truly beautiful! Happy B Day!Thanks for sharing this!!!

  2. Very sweet, Lisa. Happy Big Hugs Birthday from his buddy, John Michael, and our whole family. It's so great that we've become friends to watch our little guys shine!

  3. How sweet and adorably special!

    Happiest of birthday wishes to Sheridan!

  4. Very sweet! You should frame this. Happy 1st Birthday little man!!

  5. What a beautiful love letter Lisa!! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sheridan! We are so thrilled to be a part of your life!

  6. Lisa ... it's such an honor to know Sheridan, you and Gary ... I LOVE you guys ... thank you for being part of my life.