18 August 2010

Safari Guide

I'm out of town today on Sheridan's birthday :(  so his sitter Becca, her mom (Miss Sharilyn), and her dad (Mr. Jimmy) decided to take Sheridan to the zoo for a little birthday party! They love him. I mean, seriously loooooove that little boy. He's an honorary member of their family.

So what does one wear to the zoo on his birthday?

A safari guide outfit, of course!

Um, cutest safari guide EVER!

They sent me text messages and pictures throughout the day so I could be there with them in spirit.

His favorite part of the zoo...

The giraffes!

And the gift shop... apparently little man got a new lion book for his birthday :)

So glad he is so loved and had such a great day!


  1. Oh the cuteness!!!!!! Happy birthday to your sweet boy!

  2. happy happy birthday sheridan!!! LOVE your safari guide outfit - wherever did your mom find such a cute outfit? :) so happy you had a fun time at the zoo but so sorry for your mommy that she is out of town on the actual day of your bday --- hope you can celebrate again this weekend!!!
    by the way - thanks for sharing your birth announcement email. i am like you - i had intentions of sending out wonderful birth announcements --- i even ordered them and love them but they are still sitting in a box waiting to be mailed. maybe some day?!
    happy 2nd birthday, again, sheridan!!!

  3. Oh definitely cutest safari guide EVER! What a great day Sheridan, glad you had a blast at the zoo for your special day.

  4. So that's where he was all day :)!!! Having so much fun! Glad to hear it!

  5. Happy B-Day Sheridan, Annelies is looking forward to celebrating it with you!! Love the outfit, and so glad you had a wonderful day at the zoo! Is there a better place in the world?

  6. Oh my...the cuteness is too much! He is definitely the cutest safari guide EVER!

  7. Doug and I both loved seeing him at the campsite and how much he is changing into a big boy. Love these photos... I hope he can be our guide at the zoo next Monday. :-)

  8. Happy Birthday Sheridan! Glad you had a fun day!