29 October 2011

The Right Stuff

A.K.A. Happy Halloween!

Outta my way, Mommy.

Sheridan couldn't wait to show off the class rabbit named Button when we went to his school's Harvest Festival last night. He looooooves Button. And apparently Button is pretty mean to everyone else, but is really good with Sheridan.

Cutest astronaut ever.

Practicing his moonwalking skills.

Astronauts get ALL the girls.


He caught himself some real-live aliens at the Fairytale Town halloween bash!

Gary's a little worried the paint won't come off by Monday morning ;-)

Astronauts drive tractors, too.

EEEEEEK! An alien hitched a ride home with me!

Sheridan even found his good friend Saoirse... I mean, Tinkerbell. 

Nonna came to join the fun... sliding down Jack's beanstalk.

Down the rabbit hole.
Have a safe and happy Halloween, everyone!


  1. He's a very handsome astronaut!

  2. Wow! You dress up!!! :) Love the new look on the blog. Just thinking of you and came by to catch up! xoxo Andrea