07 November 2009

Anybody in Chicago?

I will be in Chicago next weekend for a conference. Anybody out there in Chi-town? If you are in Chicago and want to get together. Leave me a comment and we'll chat to see if our schedules align. I would love to meet some more families!

And, no, Sheridan will not be with me. I know this seriously diminishes your interest in meeting up, but I promise I'm nice and worth getting to know :)


  1. I'll vouch for you! Lisa is very nice and very worth getting to know :)! So jealous...I LOVE Chicago! Such a neat and tidy city! Have some pizza for me!

  2. We are in Indianapolis (about 3 hours south of Chicago) - let me know if you ever come to Indy for a conference! Definitely check out Giordano's or Lou Malnati's for some deep-dish Chicago-style pizza while you are in the windy city!!
    By the way - I LOVE the Halloween pictures, Sheridan is SO CUTE!!! Is he crawling now??? Have a fun trip to Chicago!

  3. A big 2nd vouch for you, here! Lisa, you're awesome. Super advocate! Have fun!

  4. How long will you be there?? I will be in town Tuesday!!

  5. I arrive Thursday night (8:30ish) and leave early Sunday morning. CJ, are you in Chicago any of those days?

    And if I'm Indy I will definitely visit with Anne & Whitney (and the rest of the family)! ;-)