22 November 2009

Last Call

Just a friendly reminder that if you would like me to include your Ds Website feedback, pictures, etc. to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, please send it to me via email or as a comment
no later than this Wednesday, 25 November

Click here to see my previous post with all the details :)


  1. Hey Lisa!
    I think people have pretty much covered what I wanted to mention. I would love to give you a photo release for DSIA and CDC but I have no working printer :( Again, thanks for your amazing advocacy efforts. The DS community is so fortunate to have you!

  2. I'm really sorry I can't provide anything. I wish I could, but since we're just expecting our child to be born (any day now, really)... I have no clue myself much on raising a child with Ds! I truly appreciate your advocacy though! Thank you for it!

  3. I'm not sure that I have anything else to provide either! You can include my blog if you're sending a list of websites or something :) Great job on putting this together!

  4. One quick thing (sorry if it's already been mentioned): I don't think the description of the physical characteristics needs to be so prominently displayed, called out with bullets, and the first thing a parent will read. I would suggest they move it down under the heading "what we know about Down syndrome." The physical characteristics are just one aspect of Down syndrome, and not even present in all of our kids to the same extent anyway.
    Thanks for doing this, and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!