24 July 2009


I've been reliving Sheridan's "bonk" at the speech therapy clinic today. Over and over again. All day. And it still makes me feel awful.

Sheridan was sitting on the floor, working with the speech therapist. She was writing some comments on her clipboard, and Sheridan spotted her papers. The boy loves paper.

He turned behind him and reached. And reached. And reached. And the therapist tried to keep the papers out of his reach (understandably so).

He lost his balance and SMACK! He hit the back of his head on the ground. It was so loud. And he cried so hard his cry was silent. When he finally cried out loud it was awful. My poor baby.

This morning as I packed the car up I thought to myself, "Self, you should probably bring the pillow just in case." See, Sheridan has never worked one-on-one with the therapist before, this was the first time she ever sat him on the floor and worked with him (she typically worked with me on oral motor stuff, etc.). But today I was going to insist that she work with him and we step up the efforts.

But Sheridan rarely falls back when he's sitting. Sometimes I put the pillow behind at home, just in case, and I can't even remember the last time he needed the safety net (or pillow, as it were).

But today he needed it. And clinic floor is NOT forgiving. Think concrete floor with industrial, thin carpet over it. My baby smacked his head on concrete.

He recovered pretty quickly, actually. He stopped crying after just a few minutes. The five monkeys jumping on the bed save the day once again... but I have been feeling awful about it all day. I replay it in my mind and I just can't get over how much it must have hurt him. Ugh.

I know it wasn't anybody's fault. And it's not the only time Sheridan will get hurt in his life. But it still hurt me...


  1. How's he doing this evening? Did he feel bothered when he put his head down? It was great seeing you two today. See you next week.

  2. He's been feeling fine... completely normal it seems. going down for his naps today and for bed tonight he didn't have any problems laying down at all. And he played today like normal. Rolling around all over the floor, laughing, etc.

  3. poor sheridan and poor mama! I know it was no one's fault, but I have felt that guilt may times myself!

    So glad he seems to be fully recovered...even if mom still hasn't quite gotten there :)

  4. So happy to hear he's doing fine. As a mother of three rowdy boys, I can say that those bumps have happened a lot and they DEFINITELY hurt mama more than they hurt the boys. Somehow their heads are designed to withstand all sort of bumps and falls and bruises. Thank GOD!!!! Hugs again to you.

  5. Poor baby! I'm glad he's doing better. Em is an accident waiting to happen...between her lack of grace and her need to PICK any scab or sore she gets, it's a nightmare! In other news, the afghan should be to you TODAY!!!