20 July 2009

Cool Speech Therapy Blog

I've been hunting everywhere for good straw cups, nosey cups, etc. to help with oral motor skills, and stumbled across a blog called mommy speech therapy. Sheridan is too young for some of the content to be useful for us right now, but overall I thought this might be a really helpful blog for anyone looking for ideas on how to work on specific sounds, etc.

Heidi has written posts for specific sounds (like M, T, D, TH) and talks about language development, communication milestones, stuttering, etc. She's also written for other sites about sippy cups (a no-no) vs. straw cups, etc. (which is how I found her).

I think it's definitely worth checking out. I'm sure I'll use some of her ideas if I need some extra help working on specific sounds with Sheridan.


  1. so cool! I am definitely going to follow her!

  2. Great link. Thanks, Lisa. See you soon!

  3. Sounds great, I am going to have a look. My son Wysdom is ng fed and we are just trying to wean him from the tube so I am sure this site will be helpful.

  4. ps what's your background? Come visit us on Wysdom's blog