14 July 2009

The Perfect Afghan for Sheridan

Most of you are familiar with CJ's T21 Traveling Afghan Project... and she is sweet enough to make children an afghan of their own for very little cost. And they are gorgeous. As evidenced by Sheridan's own afghan that arrived some time ago.

First a quick, personal note to CJ: My sincere apologies that this has taken so long for me to get on the blog - life got in the way, and it shouldn't have. I am so grateful for the love and attention you gave to Sheridan.

And now for the afghan's story (and don't you worry your little head, there will be plenty of pictures)...

When I contacted CJ to order Sheridan's afghan, I told her my only rule was "no pastels." She made a few suggestions, and I went with an idea for bright, bold colors (for my bright, bold baby). It is truly spectacular, but we'll get to that in a minute :)

The box arrived one afternoon, and given that we had been working on "out" with Sheridan, I thought this was a good opportunity for him to work on taking the afghan out of the box (a skill he has mastered for quite some time now, and I think the excitement of the afghan truly helped!).

He was so excited when he saw the box.

Then he started to play with the box flaps, opening and closing them.

Then he pet the afghan. So, so gently.

And he could no longer contain his excitement.

And then began the long process of pulling the afghan out of the box (time-lapsed photos below!)... CJ does a great job of getting it into a pretty small box!

Hold it. Hold it. Stand back. I'm workin' here, Mom!

And then we taste it...

And then we chew it. Oh, that poor teething baby!

And chew it. And chew it. And chew it... Good thing CJ makes these afghans pretty indestructable!

And then we find our happy place.

And we play.

He absolutely LOVES this afghan. He sleeps with it every night, and often plays on it during the day on the living room floor.

Thank you so much, CJ, for sharing your love and talent! As you can see, it is much appreciated!


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the afghan and love the pictures of Sheridan with his afghan even more! I am on the list to receive the travelling afghan, but I really want to order (and need to just do it) an afghan of her own for Whitney. I love the colors in Sheridan's afghan - so wonderful how much he loves it :) very sweet!

  2. A-DORABLE!!!! Love how it turned out. CJ is SOOOO talented!

  3. That is too cute, Lisa! I love the colors and his reaction (hands on his head!) Soooooo cute! We have one on order, too. Can't wait.

  4. your little sheridan is adorable! we are cj afghan lover too! his turned out awesome!!!

  5. I LOVE the colors on the afghan. And that's too cute how he inspected the afghan. Great photos!

  6. It's just so..."him." What a perfect pair they are.

  7. Terrific pictures!!Sheridan is so beautiful!I love the curls on top of his head :)CJ does such a wonderful job on her afghans.

  8. These photos are beyond adorable! I had never heard of the T21 Traveling Afghan Project, but after reading further it seems like a wonderful organization. CJ sure seems to like it too :)

  9. Oops! Meant that Sheridan sure seems to like CJ's Afghan too. Need more coffee :)

  10. I love love love it! The colors are stunning and just PERFECT for Sheridan!

    Amazing :)

  11. I love it! And he is the cutest baby ever! I found your page from t21 traveling afghan site. We are so excited about receiving our afghan too!