31 July 2009

NDSC Kicks Off!

The National Down Syndrome Congress annual convention is right here in our home town of Sacramento and Gary, Sheridan, my mom (Sheridan's Nonna), and I are attending (and my dad and step-mom will be swinging by for a session or two, as well). Along with over 2,000 people from all over the United States and many other countries!

After today's preconference workshop on speech and language development, and the opening session that kicked off the conference this evening, I have SO much to write... but quite honestly, I am exhausted and need sleep. So in-depth posts will have to wait. Sorry to be a tease about it.

Next year the convention will be in Orlando, Florida. If you haven't been to a conference, you should go. And I know that my family will try to find a way to make regular attendance of this convention a priority... it has been amazing, and we're only a few hours in!


  1. I'm bummed that I missed it this year, but excited to hear it'll be in Orlando next year! We should be living in SC by then, so hopefully we'll make it!

  2. It was so nice meeting you at the lunch on Saturday! I look forward to following your family's happenings through your blog!! Take care!!

  3. sheridan - please let me know when you got the t21 traveling afghan for my map update. thank you! leave me a comment somewhere at http://ml22.blogspot.com - thanx!


  4. My wife and I went to the convention in Sacramento. It was our first. What a great experience!

    We have a daughter with DS that is five. Someday, we hope she can be like some of the self-advocates we met.