27 May 2009

Visiting Nonna

Sheridan's Nonna (my mom) lives about 2 hours away in the middle of a national forest in the Sierra Nevadas. She comes down to spend at least one day a week with Sheridan, but we rarely get up to see her. Well , we needed to change that... [excessive photo alert!]

This past weekend we went up to spend the night and Sheridan got to enjoy the forest (he LOVES trees!)...

Hang out on Scott's tractor...

And take his first bath in the sink...

It was really nice to get out of the city, relax (sort of... Sheridan is still teething somethin' awful and had a really rough night in an unfamiliar bed), and spend some additional time with Nonna.


  1. that boy just melts my heart. GREAT pics ;)

  2. Darling photos! That boy looks good riding a tractor. Sink baths and trees rock :-) I think tree was JM's first "word".