17 May 2009

Sheridan's First Party

Sheridan was invited to his first birthday party... Little Miss Gabby turned one year old and invited Sheridan to help her celebrate the big day! Even better, all of his other friends were there, too...

Gabby was beautiful (as usual!) on her big day... just look at this pose she strikes as she tries to keep her wind-swept hair out of her eyes! And Sheridan loved her mailbox toy... thanks for sharing, Gabby! It was a big hit with all your friends!

And John Michael and his family were there to help celebrate, as well. Look at John Michael cruising along... and he loved playing with Gabby's boa and mailbox, too! He even showed Sheridan how to put mail IN the mailbox (and Gary watched the boys have fun!).

Joaquin's family also came to celebrate! Like Sheridan, he was a bit tired when he got there, but then quickly joined in the fun. He, too, loved the boa (I think the boys liked playing with it even more than Gabby!)... and gave me lots of beautiful smiles.

Unfortunately, we had to leave early - Sheridan didn't take his regular afternoon nap and was having a really tough teething day to boot. We're sad we didn't get to see Gabby open her very own T21 Afghan! But we can tell from the pictures that it is just perfect for her!

All in all, we had a great time... and I think we might have to get Sheridan one of those mailboxes... or perhaps a boa?


  1. how sweet! You got some awesome pics! I am surprised at what hit both the mailbox and boa were ;)

    Thanks for coming to Gabby's party Sheridan ;)

  2. We had a blast! Great photos you guys!! So glad someone remembered to bring their camera :)!

  3. Awesome photos, Lisa! It was a great party -- so glad the Fab Four could get together again. :-)