23 May 2009

Remember that one time...?

So, yeah, remember that one time I posted about our sitting & belly skills dilemma? Oh, right, that was only 48 hours ago.

Well, (clear my throat here) our Little Big Guy took it upon himself to make the decision for us.

Take One:

At the park on Friday, Penny suggested I sit Sheridan on the grass so she could take a few shots of him. I kindly reminded her that he doesn't really sit on his own. That he might be upright for a minute, maybe two if we were lucky, and that he bobs and weaves the whole time (he works SO hard to stay upright!). So, take the shot - which might be an action shot - quickly.

The boy sat up. On his own. For almost 10 minutes.

My mom was there to see the whole thing, too. I was nearly in tears.

I told Gary about the new excitement when he got home from work Friday evening... and we played with him all evening on his belly. Yup, we decided to compromise. When we want to do something or play with him in a sitting position, we'll try it (which, quite honestly, we haven't done with him since the park).

Take Two

Gary and I decided last minute to do a date night tonight. When we got home, the babysitter proudly proclaimed, "Sheridan sat up all by himself for a while. All by himself, right there on the floor!" She pointed to his play area in the living room... Gary and I smiled and were so excited for Sheridan. Babysitter than quickly whipped out our digital camera and said, "I took pictures because I wasn't sure you would believe me!" And here is the evidence:

It's so wonderful to know that everyone in Sheridan's life celebrates his triumphs. Every single one. Big or small. I love how much that boy is loved!

The moral of the story? Sheridan takes good care of us. He always has a way of reminding us that we need not worry. And that we should make sure we continue to focus on his belly skills, but feel free to play with him while sitting, too. What a good boy.


  1. Hurray for Sheridan! He looks like such a big boy sitting up!


    Haha...little stinker! Well, one less decision to make right!?