02 May 2009

New Strides

I've learned a lot about child development, especially gross-motor and fine-motor development, from Sheridan's physical therapist (let's call her PT - not imaginitive, I know, but I haven't asked yet if I can use PT's first name in my blog). Babies develop everything (e.g., gross-motor skills, fine-motor skills, cognition) in a very precise, specific sequence. You know that little head lift your baby does, looking up while on his/her tummy? Or when your baby rolls from tummy to back? Each of those takes many skills that develop in a particular, precise order so that these larger milestones are possible...

One of the greatest joys of having a baby with DS is that we cherish and celebrate every little new development with Sheridan. Like rolling over, which Sheridan has been doing for some time now (you would be amazed if you knew all the developmental and gross motor skills required for a baby to do a simple roll from back to tummy)... It's funny that Sheridan worked SO hard to gain the 20 pre-requisite skills to accomplish a roll from back to stomach, and then one day it just happens. Something clicks. And then you can't stop the boy from rolling.

Just recently we had a number of new developments. It seems like they are coming in fast and furious lately! In the matter of just a few weeks Sheridan is propping himself up on his hands regularly...

He's propping to sit all by himself (it only lasts 2-3 minutes, but before we know it he'll be sitting straight up all by himself - which he can do currently with minimal assistance!).

Also, he's always loved to stand, but now he's beginning to stand for brief periods while holding on to something (like the sofa) all by himself.

And another new first... his first time in a swing by himself! I had to stuff that swing full of everything in his diaper bag (the changing pad, sweatshirt, burp rag, etc.) to help give him the support he needed to sit upright. I guess I never realized the pure bliss that can come from something as simple as a little push in a swing and your mom saying, "Weeeeeeeee!"

Although not a traditional developmental milestone, I think the swing experience is my favorite development so far!


  1. yay Sheridan! Way to go little man!

    He is doing so well. I am super-impressed!


  2. hey Lisa- I wanted to invite you to Gabby's birthday party on 5/16 but I don't have your email. Do you think you would be able to make it? Jennifer and Monica are coming with the boys as well! Send me your email ;)

  3. These pictures are all soooo adorable!!! Love him!

  4. Oh my goodness, is he ever cute! Thanks for leaving a comment so that I could come and check out your spot here. I wish I wasn't going to be out of town and have to miss Gabby's party since maybe we could have met there. Next time!

  5. Love all those firsts! He's doing wonderfully. Yes, it is amazing how we now pay attention to the minutest details of every milestone and find occasion to celebrate every victory. :-)

  6. A wonderful blog for a wonderful mom and dad and son. Thanks for writing this and keeping us posted on all of these wonderful milestones! (Thanks also for the cute CNN video!)

    Happy First Mother's Day, Lisa!