13 December 2011

Discussion of the Owies

Sheridan's open heart surgery to repair his four congenital heart defects was back in May 2010, a full 18 months ago. His recovery was quick and amazing. And he never really paid much attention to his resulting scar, until now.

His Becca's dad (Mr. Jimmy) had his third open heart surgery about a month ago. One of Mr. Jimmy's first requests upon his release from the hospital was to see Sheridan (Sheridan really is a true member of their family). And Sheridan saw Mr. Jimmy's "zipper." And the two of them had a conversation about each other's "owies." So, for the first time, he had an interest and cause to talk about his scar.

I can't explain why, but I'm really happy that Sheridan is talking about it. Maybe it's his awareness that he's not the only one who has a scar. Maybe it's because I get to tell him what an amazing little man he his - a true Big Boy - that he had surgery and was tough and now he's ok. Better, even. 

The only drawback to this new-found interest: Sheridan is intent on finding an owie on everyone now. Ladies, be warned. He will try to pull your shirt down to look at your chest. He's only looking for a scar, though... I think.

I showed him my scar from a laparoscopic surgery I had on my stomach years ago. He likes to talk about "Mama's owie" and "Daddy's owie" (remember Gary's life-saving surgery on Sheridan's second birthday?) and his own owie. It's interesting to see how important it is to Sheridan that we all have owies, even if they are different. Almost like it's comforting, but also because he really likes to be just like us.

I'm curious to see over time how he reacts to (or doesn't care about) his scar. It was one of my biggest concerns before his surgery, and even after meeting a young man who was proud of his scar, I was still concerned for Sheridan. Now I don't give it a second thought, even though it is quite large and noticeable (he developed a pretty significant keloid). Check it out for yourself in this video I posted six months ago.

He's definitely gonna rock that scar, his girlfriends will think he's SO cool for having it, and he'll take comfort in knowing he's not the only person with one.


  1. Aww. How sweet. He'd have a hay-day with all my scars!

  2. I just love Sheridan!!! Love your blog background, too. Some of my favorite photos EVER of you guys. Sheridan, you can check out the owie on my elbow any time. :-)

  3. I just got an email today from the NDSS - and when I opened it, the first thing I saw was Sheridan's picture!!! And then your story. Soooo cool!