14 December 2011

Sheridan's Debut Performance

Sheridan's class hosted a Holiday Tea & Sing... the children sang about 10 holiday songs (plus three songs about the geography they are learning: the continents and the countries in North & South America). Two songs were in Spanish. After the singing, everyone enjoyed the cookies the children baked in class. 

The Program

This was Sheridan's debut musical performance. I mean, c'mon. This is big, y'all. He's in his element, right?! His friends, music, singing, gestures for each song. He is going to rock. it. out.

Eat your heart out. That's right. He busted out with a tie and matching chucks.

He's been singing all of these songs nonstop. Every day. It took me a couple weeks to figure out what he was singing - Up on the Rooftop is definitely his favorite, followed by Cascabel and La Pulga de San Jose (which he actually calls La Guitarra because part of the song is about playing a guitar). 

Yep, you read that correctly. Sheridan is singing songs in Spanish. Don't even get me started on how proud I am of him...

So the moment arrives. The audience is standing room only (at least 70 adults in the room?), everyone is hushed, the children walk in and take their places...

And Sheridan... just... sits there. 

Sitting in the front, fourth from the right.

When I say he sat there, I mean that's all he did. You could tell he was just taking in the sea of people in front of him. And he watched his classmates sing around him.

Originally, we tried to hide and make sure he wouldn't spot us in the crowd, thinking he might be distracted. But then Gary felt that Sheridan was trying to find us in the mass crowd of people. So, we stood up and made sure Sheridan could see us singing along. He got excited. Gave us a few waves.

I love his waves here...

And you know what? I'm very proud of him for sitting with his classmates through the entire show. Because other kids were dropping like flies. Some of the other children either had to go sit down with their families or a teacher, and a couple refused to even be part of the concert.

His teachers were proud of him, too. After the concert, one of the moms (she volunteers in the classroom one day a week) said she's seen all the children practicing for weeks, and she pointed at Sheridan and smiled and said, "I've seen you sing these songs! I know you can sing them." Sheridan laughed.

As soon as we got to the cookie part of the evening he started singing to the whole room full of people. Stinker.

Grandpa & Nanny Airplane were there. So was Nonna, but I didn't get a picture :(

Some pictures of Sheridan and his classmates...

It's a big decision: the cookie, or the pretty girl?

How about both?

I definitely need to write a post about Sheridan's school. He loves it. We love it. They love him. Can you tell?

I'll post something soon...


  1. Awesome! Kamryn has her first "performance" on Saturday. I can't wait! I think of you and that sisterhood often. Merry, Merry Christmas, I hope to send Happy New Year cards...you're on my list! :) Sheridan is getting so big! That tie?! To cute!!!! Andrea

  2. What fun! Maybelle's holiday party just happened--there were no performances, but the room was full of parents and kids greeting Santa, decorating and eating cookies, and taking loads and loads of pictures.

    It sounds like Sheridan did GREAT. Honestly, sitting through that many songs would be challenging for a three year old!

  3. Tie + chucks? Be still my heart!!!