03 December 2010

All Aboard the Polar Express

Last night we took Sheridan to the Polar Express train ride in Old Sacramento. His Becca came with us (I thought she would really enjoy being a part of this for him, and as you'll see from the pictures below, I'm chopped liver next to His Becca - and yes, that is what we call her - Sheridan's name for her is My Becca, hence, His Becca).

In one hour we road the train from Sacramento, CA to the North Pole where we saw Santa and his elves, then back again. The conductor narrated our ride from the book Polar Express. Some of the characters from the book visited us on the train.

But really... I didn't care about any of that. In fact, I've never even seen the book before (or the movie).

I only cared about Sheridan's excitement. Talk about wonder.

Bundled up for the ride

Don't worry folks... this particular train was part of the props. Stationary props.

Everyone is encouraged to wear pajamas... so we did (and I had a moment of panic that Gary, Becca, and I might be the only people over the age of 7 to be in our PJs, but a lot of adults wore them, too - whew!)

Waiting to board the Polar Express

Looks like trouble

Sheridan isn't too fond of random conductors

But he loves the trains

Each car is decorated with a different theme - ours had all the misfit and forgotten toys

Eating oatmeal cookies (courtesy of the Polar Express)

Oh, and those spots on his head... he had a nasty fall about a month ago when he simply lost his balance, skinned his forehead (I nearly had a heart attack), but it's healing up really nicely.

The "waiters" came around with the book and showed the pages to go along with the story

He can't believe his eyes... seeing the North Pole for the first time

He was soooooo tired by the end - way after his bed time

See? I'm chopped liver :)


  1. These are GORGEOUS pictures! Sheridan is such a HANDSOME boy - and he appeared to have a wonderful time. He should be a spokesman for the Polar Express!

  2. Great photos, Lisa! I know what it feels like to be "chopped liver" LOL! John Michael loves his babysitters, too. But there's no mistaking Sheridan's love for his Mama. :-) We missed you last night... see you this weekend. Can't wait!

  3. What a fabulous night. We love the Polar Express book and movie. Our kids would absoultely love to go on the actual train ride!

  4. Such great photos! Loved seeing the excitement on Sheridans face!

  5. Sweetness! That is one HAPPY boy :)! Love it!!!!! We'll have to take over one of those train cars next year with all our Sisterhood :)! We saved the Polar Express for Sofia and Joaquin for another year so we will definitely be going again!