26 December 2010

We Survived Potty Training

...well, Day 1, anyway ;-)

In case you are wondering... he's a boxer briefs kind of guy.

As for the potty training itself... we put him on the potty as soon as he woke up (had a big success on that trip!) and then right into underwear. He wore underwear all day (we do put him in a diaper for nap and nighttime).

Sheridan had many successes throughout the day, going pee pee and poo poo on the potty a total of 7 times today! Here's evidence of his success:

He did have a handful of accidents (5 or 6) - so grateful for a house full of tile! But in full confession, many of those accidents were our fault - taking too long to get him to the potty (I was trying to quickly finish a phone conversation) or not leaving him on the potty long enough or not trusting my gut that I should take him right now even though it "wasn't time."

Today was our first day, our very first time trying this. So, we plan to see how it goes. We expect timing will become a little better for both Sheridan and us - by the end of the day he was signing he had to go (not every time, but he did ask a couple times).

I think our "pre potty training" helped a lot... we would put Sheridan on his potty (and sing to him, of course) when we knew he had the best chance for success (right before bath) just to get him used to the potty (which he loved right away) and help him be successful. So, he actually likes the potty - but at times his patience got a little worn at the end of today from being on so many times today (we used a timer and took him every 20-30 minutes).

I know we'll have days with more success, and days with more accidents. So we just need to be consistent.

We did have to bring back out his size 18 month pants. I knew his cloth diapers added some bulk to his body (he typically wears size 24 month or 2T pants), but I didn't realize just how little my lil man really is. Size 24 month pants sag WAY too much!

We still have a lot to learn :) but overall Gary and I think Sheridan did a great job on his first full day of potty training!

P.S. if anybody happens to know where I can find size 18-month underwear, please let me know! He's a little guy, and some of his underwear just slides right off his little butt (I can only seem to find size 2T/3T in the stores and online). But I'll tell you, plumber butt never looked so cute! ;-)


  1. I am so impressed! Go Sheridan! He must have the cutest plumber's butt on the planet. Loving the boxer briefs!

  2. WTG! That's awesome. That's exactly how I trained Kaia...straight to underwear. I'm very anti-pull-up. The first day or two had lots of accidents but as the days went on they got fewer and fewer. She was trained in 3 weeks, right before her 3rd b-day, it was wonderful!

    Keep at it and don't give up if things seem to go backwards at one point.

  3. Awesome, Alayna is doing really well too. We switched to panties just before Christmas and she is going accident free.
    Way to go Sheridan! We only found the 2T/3T sizes too. Maybe wash and dry them on extra hot they would shrink a little.

  4. Lisa, First I love your Christmas card. The messages were beautiful! Second, I can't believe you started potty training. Go Mama and Sheridan!! My girls did not potty train until 3. (I know people think that is "late" but there was no training needed we went from diaper to underwear!) I don't plan to even start Kamryn until then, unless she shows me some big signs. Keep posting, maybe I need to learn some tricks! :) xoxo Andrea

  5. Sheridan is too cute!! I would check and see if you can find some underwear on ETSY. You might find someone there that can make them to your specifications.