09 December 2010

Le Petit Paris

I was so sad when this little Parisian Cafe in Sacramento went out of business... and I just had to have Sheridan do a photo shoot there before the cafe and its charm were gone forever. Three days before they closed their doors, they opened their hearts to Sheridan and his dear, dear Gracie Girl. Enjoy the show...

Gracie Girl


Gracie and her lovely mama

A big thank you to Michelle Marrone for capturing the beauty of Sheridan & Grace, and the last of the beauty that was Le Petit Paris :)


  1. These are GORGEOUS, and sweet, and perfect. I am so glad you were able to have these two doll babies photographed there before it closed! Magical.

  2. they are wonderful photos, wow Gracie and Sheridan are just so gorgeous and how cute is that shirt and waist coat, I absolutely LOVE it Sheridan looks SO HANDSOME !

  3. Tears of absolute joy streaming down my face!!!
    I love you,Gary and Sheridan so very much...and feel truly blessed that God sent the 3 of you to our family.
    Gracie's mama

  4. Wow!!! The Photos are just wunderful!!!
    I follow your blog for some time now, and I always love to see Photos from that handsome boy!
    ...I just started bloging and want to ask you how you made the Photos Kopysafe...I know you explained it somewhere but I can`t find it. Could you please explain it in "easy words" again for a german to understand ;-)

  5. These are absolutely amazing pictures! Thanks so much for sharing them with all of us! Gracie and Sheridan are SO beautiful! It is such a shame that Le Petit Paris is closing...

  6. GREAT photos! And Sheridan always looks SOOO stylish! I need to work on that. Ozzie is pretty much a jeans and T-shirt man these days!

  7. Lisa, thank you so much for sending me your link - I IMMEDIATELY fell in LOVE with your little boy - CUTE FACTOR ONE!!!! And yep, he's got the best taste in girls, Gracie is so very DARLING!!!! Thank you for making my day!!!

  8. Enjoy indeed! They are so timeless- gorgeous shots!So sad it went away! I hope something else happy opens there and leaves the interior! Great great great photos!

  9. Beautiful Pics of beautiful kiddos!

  10. Hi. This is my first visit to your blog. Have been reading through your posts and will definitely be back.

    Amazing photos here x