06 December 2009

Puffy Coat Weather

Today was the day.

We had to bust out the snowsuit...

(hey, it was freezing when we went for our morning walk)

...and the puffy coat.

(notice he kept trying to lick this new puffy chest of his)

(it took him a while to negotiate creeping with the puffy coat)

(but then he was off to terrorize Gary's shoes)

The coat kept knocking Sheridan off balance, like it had its own gravitational pull. But he's gonna have to get used to it.

Our forecast for tomorrow?


The last time it snowed while I lived here, I was in junior high. I'm not saying I'm old and that's a long time ago, I'm just sayin' it's been a while...

Here's hoping I get to post Sheridan's first snow tomorrow!!!!!


  1. Oh, I am LOVING him in that coat!

  2. loving the snow suit and the puffy coat!

    And I am way impressed that you even attempted a walk in this frigid weather, haha.