19 December 2009

Our Local Ds Family is Growing!

It was so much fun... eleven families who have a child with Ds all got together at Jen's house for a Mommy & Me cookies, muffins, and tea party for the holiday. The children ranged in age from 5 days old (yes, you read that correctly) to 3 years old.

It was so much fun to get together, see the kids play together, cry at Santa (a very brave Santa who endured LOTS of pictures and crying babies, but plenty of happy babies who were thrilled to pull on his beard). It was so great.

Here's a picture of the group (names are below the pic):

starting at the top row from left to right
Mom Sarah & Eva, Sheree & Gabby, Me & Sheridan
Cori & Joey, Amy & introducing Delilah Rose, Jonna & Gracie, Jen & Joaquin
Monica & John Michael, Susan & Christopher, Jennifer & Madi, Michelle & Cody

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