08 June 2009

Ode to the Frohawk

Those curly locks. Those beautiful curly locks!

Sheridan had his first big-boy hair cut last Friday. I did better than I thought I would... I teared up before the appointment (driving on the way there). And only winced slightly during the appointment.

He looks haaaaaaaandsome! I was really worried that we would regret cutting his hair, but Gary rightly pointed out that his hair had become completely unruly.

"The boy's kitchen is a mess!" is more precisely what Gary said to me.

Translation: the hair at the back of Sheridan's head was a big cloud of tangled, knotted mess. (Don't feel bad if you needed the translation... I know I did.)

Let us reminisce... here are a few BEFORE pictures:

Sheridan truly was born with a mohawk (hence, Gary called it the frohawk). A couple weeks ago, the frohawk was in full effect when he woke up from his afternoon nap.

Penny immortalized his curls for me.

He did really well during the haircut (LOTS of pictures here - thanks to Nanny Airplane!). Miss Julie cut his hair (she's a work-at-home mom who turned a portion of her garage into a salon - you'd never know it was her garage if I didn't tell you!). Sheridan took his time getting to know Julie first (after all, you don't just let somebody come at you with scissors without sizing them up!).

And then Julie went to work...

Ok, I knew his hair was long when Julie had to bust out with a clip to keep it out of her way.

How long, you ask? This long...

So, this begged the question... how much do we take off the top? I went in to the appointment saying, "We're not touching anything on top. Everything on top stays."

As Sheridan's new cut started to take shape, it became apparent that some of the top would need to go. Julie was nice enough to do it in increments for me (many, many small increments). Here is the last picture of his long curls in their full glory (well, she combed through them so they looked like one big curl - but still cute!)

I think even Sheridan winced when she cut into the top curls.

But he thought the clippers tickeled when Julie used them to shape up the back and sides.

"The lip" only came out once or twice, and he never cried...

And now... [drumroll here] the AFTER pictures:

He looks like such a little boy!

But as you can see, we opted to keep some curls on top - there is NO WAY all those curls were coming off!!!!

(Now, thank you for putting up with so many pictures... first baby, first haircut... you knew it would be out of control, right?)


  1. Oh I love it!! I can't believe how long it actually was! You're right though- Sheridan looks SO handsome and boyish with his new doo!

  2. OMG, he is so stinkin' CUTE! I love the picture with the one big Superman-esque curl and I think it's hilarious that he had a "kitchen."

  3. Sorry about deleting my earlier comment... I realized after I posted my comment that I wrote "Jenny" (Joaquin's mommy) instead of "Jennifer" ... anyway, I love Sheridan's new haircut, but the frohawk was absolutely adorable too!!! Very funny that we both happened to post about cutting our babies mohawks on the same day :) Jennifer from Three's A Charm told me about your "frohawk" post!

  4. I have to just comment again - I told my husband about the "frohawk" and how crazy that we each wrote the blog about our babies mohawks on the same day... he just came over to see the pictures, because i couldn't do the "frohawk" justice, just describing it - it is unbelievable how LONG Sheridan's hair was in the mohawk region... how is that even possible???!!! he is just adorable, and i can see he is doing great with sitting all by himself!!! we got a kick out of his Michigan State shirt too - we both graduated from Indiana University! I hope you don't mind - I wrote a short post about your post and included a link to your "ode to the frohawk". :)

  5. Lisa, what a funny post title! I love it! Yes, Sheridan looked exceptionally handsome last Saturday after his frohawk was mowed down a bit. I can't believe how well he did! Hurray!

  6. I havent' commented on your blog before, but I just had to say - your little guy is SOOOO darn cute!! I absolutely love his hair - before AND after : ) Great pictures...