19 June 2009

My First Blogger Award!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to Monica at Monkey Musings for honoring me with the Honest Scrap Award! I am especially grateful for being recognized by a blogger who is inspirational, fun, and, well, honest!

In order to accept this award, I must do the following:
  1. Say thanks and give a link to the presenter of the award (done, and done gladly!).
  2. Share "ten honest things" about myself (Ooooo, could be good!).
  3. Present this award to seven other bloggers whose blogs I find brilliant in content and/or design, or those who have encouraged me.
  4. Tell those 7 people that they've been awarded HONEST SCRAP and inform them of these guidelines in receiving it.
  1. I love Sheridan more than I ever thought was possible. I guess no parent can explain it. But I would be happy if all I did all day, every day, was kiss that boy. And he would be so annoyed with me.
  2. I love photography (okay, likely not a surprise given all the pics on my blog). I was a photography major when I first started college. I'll admit that there are times when I really wish I could pursue both an education and career in photography.
  3. Old School Lisa: I've had my hair dyed nearly every color of the rainbow - and often shaved large portions of my head (like the sides and back/underneath - totally new wave, ya know). Also, I have 13 piercings in my right ear - most of them I did myself with a safety pin and no ice/numbing (back in high school). I only have 2 piercings in my left ear. Not sure why.
  4. On some days I just burst into tears missing my brother Michael. It always takes me by surprise, but the pain is still as real now as it was when he died in 1998. I miss him terribly and truly wish that he could have known Sheridan.
  5. As of late, two of my major food groups are: almond croissants and blueberry coffeecake. Yikes... putting that in writing hurts. Maybe I'll actually do something to change that now that I went public!
  6. I think I might actually hate country music. I have not heard a single song, ever, that I could tolerate, let alone like.
  7. I over-analyze children's songs. I try to understand their logic. And when I find inconsistencies, or phrases that are not specific/clear enough in their meaning, or when the logic is downright wrong, it irks me. But I suck it up and sing them anyway.
  8. I was a complete slacker in high school (grades were ok when I cared enough to try - especially in math and art, and English depending on the teacher) - cared more about socializing and fun than school. I have no idea how that translated into my graduation with a doctorate 10 years later. Go figure. Me, a doctor. I think my parents are still trying to figure that one out, too.
  9. My biggest fear, and I do mean my BIGGEST fear, is what will happen with Sheridan after Gary and I are gone. Sometimes I think it's silly to worry about something so far into the future, but every now and then I see examples of what I would not want for him. Or the reality of it just hits me out of nowhere. And I can't breathe - the fear is that real to me.
  10. I never really understood the big deal about blogging... I used to wonder why on earth anyone would spend their time on it. Hmmmm... I guess I have my answer. I totally get it now :)
  11. I secretly wish I could be a rock star... I love singing. Anything (except country - see #6 above). 80s synth pop, classic rock, broadway, hip hop, r&b, etc. But, alas, I will have to make due with my only fans: the people in the car who pull up next to me at a stop light and laugh as I sing and dance my heart out.
  1. Dan @ Down with Oz & downtownds.com
  2. CJ @ The T21 Traveling Afghan Project & Little Miss E
  3. Lisa @ Bridget's Light
  4. Chrystal @ One More, More Than One
  5. Lisa @ Finnian's Journey
  6. Adrienne @ Our Unexpected Journey
  7. Jennifer @ Pinwheels


  1. Nothing wrong with almond croissants and blueberry coffeecake. I personally like chocolate anything. :-)
    Congrats on your award!!

  2. congratulations on your award! you deserve it :)


  3. Lisa, thank you so much for passing this along to me :) I'm flattered. I will try to get to this on my blog soon . . . I have a lot going on right now :(

  4. Thank you!!! I will get this posted this week! I am honored!! When do we get to see pictures of that beautiful boy with his afghan?!?!

  5. Loved reading more about you!!! You've got me craving your major food groups...yum!

  6. Hey, thanks! I loved reading your list. I'll try to get mine up this week.

  7. Thanks so much for including me! I love your list, and I (finally) got mine up, too.