05 June 2009

Hmmm... How Would I Know You If I Saw You?

Monica at Monkey Musings had a great idea... what if those of us (Ds bloggers) attending NDSC this year in Sacramento had a way to recognize each other at first glance?

I'll be honest, I might recognize your kids, but I might not know what you look like (we all put WAY more pics of our kids up than we do ourselves)...

A Bloggers' Blog... and Badge!

Check out our new blog, DS Bloggers.

If you send Monica your info (name, blog name, and URL) we'll add you to our list and create a custom Ds Blogger ID badge to wear to the Convention. We'll get it to you free of charge!

Fine print: we're still working on the details, but hope to have a small table near registration so you can pick up your badge on site; otherwise, we'll mail it to you for free!

This will be an easy way to identify other Ds bloggers who we might not recognize "in real life." I so value my interactions with you all online, and this is a great way to forge new friendships!

Please share the DS Bloggers link with your blogging friends, post to your own blog, and add it to your Facebook.

The Button... Oh, the Button!

Please grab this button to help spread the word...

DS Bloggers

Meeting Anyone?

We're also working on finding a time for all of us to meet. A small, social gathering if you will. Many more details to be arranged and determined on the meeting, so be sure to check out DS Bloggers to get updates.

The DS Bloggers Team

Those of us bloggers working together to help make this happen: Monica of Monkey Musings, Jennifer Varanini Sanchez of Three's a Charm, Sheree Pham of The Phamily Blog, and me. All local bloggers who have formed a great friendship (and to be honest, I feel like I'm the luckiest one in the bunch because Sheridan is the youngest - so I get the benefit of all their wisdom!).

Okay, So You All Know What to Do...

Be sure to follow our DS Bloggers blog, grab the button, and sign up to get your own badge to wear at NDSC. And please spread the word so we can get as many people as possible!

I look forward to (hopefully) seeing you all in Sacramento!

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  1. Wow, great post. Thanks, Lisa. I'm blushing :-) and I'm excited to meet fellow bloggers as well!