24 May 2010

Surgery Check In: 7am Tuesday

It's official. We're a go for tomorrow morning.

Today was pre-op (A.K.A. 6 hours of baby torture). Sheridan had an echocardiogram, an EKG, a chest x-ray, and (the worst of the bunch) blood test. He was over tired because he only got 9 hours of sleep (he's used to 12), we woke him up uber early for the appt, and people wouldn't leave him alone. None of the tests/exams is too bad by itself (except the blood draw), but put them all back-to-back and then ask the poor kid to meet with a seemingly endless line of nurses, physicians assistants, etc. afterwards and... well... there's only so much a baby should have to endure.

But he was a total trooper, and only had a rough time with the blood draw (his blood just stopped coming out of the first vein, so they had to poke him a second time in his other arm). Gary was holding him during it, but Sheridan cried so hard he could only breathe those stutter breaths, you know what I'm saying.

Here's the only picture I took during the whole ordeal (my mom holding him after I sang to him and calmed him down - of course he immediately wants his Nonna!)...

So, tomorrow we report for surgery at 7am. Gary said I'm not acting like myself. He said my stress is showing (I was stalling Sheridan's bed time to play with him and give him way more kisses than any baby should have to endure - it just so happens he likes it).

I will say the surgical team and anesthesia team did a great job walking us through the surgery step-by-step (I have to try REALLY hard not to let the tears come when we're talking nitty-gritty of the surgery). But I think he's in excellent, capable hands.

So, as I bide time this evening, just thought I would post a couple more pics from yesterday (our trip to Stanford) and today...

Sheridan playing with his ball pits (yes, he has two - a bit spoiled, but whatever).

His favorite part is throwing the balls out of the "pit" all over the living room. awesome.

Hangin' with Nonna (I'm SO glad my mom came down with us - it's been such a help to have three of us taking turns!).

Sheridan loving LOVING the hotel room. Especially the bit mirror wall.

Just for those who care (likely nobody, but oh well), here's our hotel room (Ronald McDonald House didn't have any rooms available, but as soon as they do we'll move there). Our room is very, um, orange.

Climbing on me...

Here's Sheridan recovering from the blood draw... eating an organic blueberry Cliff Z Bar to tide him over for lunch.

My dad and step-mom (Grandpa and Nanny Airplane) came down this evening so they could have dinner with us and be at the hospital all day tomorrow. So grateful they came down and we got to spend some much-needed time with them.

And Sheridan had a blast cruising around all the furniture in the room. He's getting pretty brave crossing large gaps (here he's crossing from my mom to the coffee table).

He even took an independent step a couple times tonight. I'm so proud of him! And he's pretty proud of himself, too! Here he is clapping "Yaaaaayyyyy!" for himself :)

It's all still surreal. I'm not gonna lie. I think Gary is right, my stress is over the top. Right now, I just know that I love him, that he is loved by MANY, and that he loves us all right back. I also know he will be okay. This is not my last night with him (as Gary reminded me after I said good night to Sheridan).

Thanks to everyone who is sending me emails, posting comments, writing notes on facebook, calling, sending text messages... you have NO idea how much it means to me. I'm not afraid or ashamed to say that I need that support right now. So, thank you.

One last thing... internet connectivity has been rough to say the least (both in the hotel and the hospital). But my intention is to post updates throughout the surgery tomorrow if I am able. I know how helpful others' posts have been to me as we prepare for Sheridan's surgery, and I'm hoping that anything I can share can help other families prepare. But if internet is down it might take a couple days... I refuse to type more than 4 words at a time on an iPhone :)


  1. Thank you for taking the time to update us. I've been thinking about you, Gary, and Sheridan all day. I'll be praying for a successful sugery and for sanity for all of you in the waiting room! Hang in there, Lisa.

  2. Claire and I have you all in our prayers this morning! Glad the preop appt went well. I'm not looking forward to the blood draw more than anything. It's HARD to get blood our of her. The EKG, Echo and xray are all pretty routine by now...

    I love Sheridan's ball pits and I would think throwing the balls out would be tons of fun too!

    I'll be looking for updates today and know that the surgery will go perfectly!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this update! Please know that the Capell family loves you to the moon and back! We know that Sheridan is going to be great - but are so sorry that this is so painful for poor little Sheridan and for mommy, daddy and your families. Please let us know if there is anything we can do. Love you again, Julie, Jordan, Jack & Jade

  4. Great to see our boy before his big day. We'll be thinking of you all day. It's 7 am now and I hope all is going very smoothly!

  5. I just wanted to let you know that we will thinking about you and your family tomorrow....

    lots and lots of hugs for you guys!

  6. and he is HANDSOME as ever!!

    Sheridan is going to ROCK open heart surgery! Stay strong mama and daddy! We're all constantly praying for you guys.

    Love you!

  7. He's such a sweet, handsome little guy, and just you watch, he'll come through with flying colors. Yes, it's REALLY difficult to hand your baby off to the surgical team, but just remember that this is very routine for them, and he'll be back to you in no time! I'll be thinking of you all, and looking forward to the updates tomorrow. Funny that you mentioned Sheridan taking independent steps now, right before the surgery - Sammi (who was just about 4 months old at the time) laughed for the first time (BIG belly laugh!) the night before her surgery. I got a photo of it, along with her bare, scar-less chest, and treasured that moment as a reminder of how normal things would be again soon. {{hugs}}

  8. Hey Lisa, sending you some good vibes. You feeling them?
    How about now?

    Must be a time zone thing - you'll feel them in three hours. Best of luck to you and your family.

  9. Keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers.......and sending lots of positive energy mom and dad's way too:)

  10. I'm so glad to see your family is there with you! I am constantly thinking and praying for Sheridan (and his whole family)! He is looking cuter than ever..Lisa, cry if you have to and laugh if you can (just check out a picture of that boy and you will have a huge smile on your face)....I can't wait for the update! PS-by the way, I like the hotel room :)!

  11. Praying for Sheridan and you! I can't wait for the update!!!