02 October 2012

Oh Sh*t

This weekend Sheridan began using a new phrase:

"Oh, shit."

On one hand, I'm proud of him - he uses it correctly in context (e.g., when something falls or he drops something). And it is CLEAR. AS. DAY.

On the other hand, well, he's only 4 years old. Best not be starting his career of cursing at such a "tender" age. Right?

The first time he used it, Gary and I looked at him, then at each other, wondering if we heard him correctly. Ten seconds later he said it again, this time followed by a devious little giggle and, "Daddy."

We tried so hard not to laugh. And we did an excellent job not making a big deal about him saying it. Now any time he says it (most of the time we try to preempt the comment when he drops something, for example) we say, "Oops!" Just trying to guide him back to what he used to say before this colorful addition to his vocabulary.

My favorite thing about this... he totally ratted Gary out with that "Daddy" giggle. And Gary freely admitted, "He got it from me. Ok. He definitely got it from me." (Really, it might have just as easily been from me, but I love that Sheridan pointed the finger elsewhere.)

And why is it that a child with Apraxia can struggle with saying the word dog but can say, "Oh, shit" clear as a bell?!

I love it.


  1. Ben tells everyone to "shut up". It is his phrase that means stop, I don't like something, I am tired, I want to do something else, and of course I want you to stop talking. Some times it is clear, sometimes not. He picks it up from his brothers and he usually takes a few months to switch him back around to "please stop". Good luck and hopefully he does not pick it up as a favorite phrase.