12 June 2012

The Right Motivation

I'm slammed with work and deadlines and blah, blah, blah... so I'm taking a mental health break and posting a quick video.

You'll remember a while back when Sheridan showed off how he counts to 10. He's been counting to 20 for some time now, and just a few weeks ago he came home one day from school and out of the blue he's counting to 30. Now, it's an emerging skill these 21-30... so about half the time he skips around a bit. Turns out, his teacher said he must have picked up this skill from some of the older children in class who are working on more advanced math skills because she hasn't worked with Sheridan on this.

Yet another reason to love that Sheridan is fully included in a multi-age classroom.

Sheridan is super motivated lately by reading, letters (phonics, more specifically), and counting. So, I use that to my advantage to motivate him to complete tasks. Here, I use his love of All-Things-Counting to motivate some self-help skills. Most importantly, it's stinkin' cute!


  1. Excellent job Sheridan!! He's so stinkin adorable! I can't believe how tall he is!

  2. His speech is sounds great! I am also super impressed he is in the shower, all by himself! What a BIG Boy...he is so cute!!!