14 June 2011

Speaking of Lucky...

Yes, I'm lucky to have my Sisters here in the Sacramento area, but I'm just as fortunate to have so many people I consider friends IRL (In Real Life) that I met through blogging. And every once in a while I'm really, really lucky and I get to meet them face to face (I'm always a little nervous when I meet blogging friends in real life - I think I'm better at sound bites via email and through my blog - and I secretly hope people like me and don't think I'm too weird or something).

A couple months ago I had the privilege of meeting Ahhhh-ZZZEEEEEEEEEEY (Ozzie, that's how he says it) and his family. I can't even tell you how much I love them. The Niblock's have a special place in my heart, and Dan is one of the best friends I could ever ask for (he's also an amazing advocate and incredibly talented).

It's because of my weekend with Ozzie that I learned the sign for dinosaur, and Sheridan now signs it all the time (with an accompanying roar/"ooooo" every time). Also thanks to Ozzie, at random times throughout my week (say, while I'm showering, or trying to fall asleep, or trying to stay awake during a meeting) all of a sudden I hear, "let's riiiiiide the dinosaur train!" Thanks, Ozzie, I don't know how I lived without that catch phrase.

I hope to meet more of you IRL :)  Especially if you treat me like a Queen as The Niblock's did... um, a sight-seeing and culinary tour of their hometown? Check! Late nights drinking beer and watching Bob Ross re-runs? Check! And thank you very much for that... you're my kind of people! ;-)

Love you all :)

The beautiful and very talented Layla... she has the best imagination, sense of humor, and is SO much fun to play with. Layla, I wear my button ring you made me all the time.

If I could surround this image with cute little hearts and stars I would... Ozzie is the sweetest (and most energetic!) little guy (he would even give Sheridan a run for his money - I don't think Ozzie has an off switch). And, well, Dan simply rocks.

Dina is amazing. And stunningly beautiful. I enjoyed getting to know you so much better! :)

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