23 February 2011

Oral Motor Eval with SRJ

We were fortunate enough to have Sara Rosenfeld-Johnson in Sacramento doing an oral motor clinic, and we scheduled an eval for Sheridan. This video only shows the first two minutes where she is gaining his trust and getting his permission to let her do her assessment. Unfortunately, two minutes in there was a power outage (so that's all we videotaped), but check out his laugh when the lights go out. So cute :)

SRJ confirmed Sheridan's diagnosis of Apraxia. She said that his speech delays are mostly due to the Apraxia, and not oral motor deficits or weakness. To be sure, we need to work on jaw strength and some other things, but a strong oral motor therapy plan is going to help him overcome his Apraxia (it never goes away, people just learn how to talk and live with it) in conjunction with the specific speech therapy approaches we're using.


  1. Oh, no! I want more! Such a bummer, Lisa... I love how she plays with him to warm him up. LOVE that little guy!

  2. We get to see her next in May! She's so great! That is wonderful news that there isn't other oral motor deficits or weakness! We're working on that right now with Abby- but I've wondered if there is an apraxia dx in her future- we often hear her say a word but then she won't repeat it when we ask...our local SLP said though that since she's so focused on learning to walk right now (first 3 steps just last night!) that it is possible that is the culprit rather than apraxia- time will tell I guess. Sheridan is soooooo cute!

  3. Oh...the crippling jealousy. The jealousy...and Sheridan looks like SUCH a big kid!!!