10 April 2010

Sending Them There and Back with Love (and an Afghan!)

We had a fabulous playdate this morning (despite the lack of sun and the very chilly weather) to send Jen off with love... she leaves in NINE DAYS to begin the final leg of Sofia's adoption in her home country!!!

So, we just wanted to have one final Playdate BS (Before Sofia) before Jen leaves... and to give her a gift that our little ones created for Sofia.

Sheridan shared his scooper with Ainsley...

Then Annelies joined the group...

And, of course, our good buddy John Michael was there - he was all over the place. And he even gave me knuckles and called me "doo" (Dude)!

Joey showed me his "clappy hands"

Sheridan pretty much just enjoyed chillin' near the sandbox all morning.

John Michael and Sheridan stood at the bench and ate a snack... correction: John Michael ate a snack. See that lone goldfish in Sheridan's hand? I think he's trying to hide it from JM :)

Look at our boys growing up!

Of course, no playdate is complete with our rainbow blanket. We bring this to EVERY playdate. It's become our signature photo-op backdrop. Joaquin spent sometime hangin' out somewhere between doin' yoga and standing up...

The really cool thing is that our group is growing so quickly - we've nearly outgrown the rainbow blanket! And this isn't even HALF of our total group! Oh, say hi to Cristian at the back of the blanket there :)

And a new family came... little 4-month-old Lance met his new buddies for the first time.

And little Delilah Rose was there - here she is with honorary auntie Cori...

and sleeping on her mama.

Sheridan eventually found all of Joaquin's snacks, including his watermelon.

Did he eat it? Nah. He just wanted to stack it. Over and over again.

This is proof that even though he won't stack your boring 1-inch blocks during your evaluation, he will stack the heck out of everything else.

See how proud he is of himself?

And now for Sofia's gift... an afghan of her own! Made with love (as always!) by the fabulous, wonderful, amazing CJ. (a big thank you for pulling off the second afghan I've requested as a surprise!)

I asked each child to choose a color to "give" to Sofia and why they contributed it to her afghan. You'll have to check out Jen's post to see the details :)  But I know we did a good job when Jen cried :)

It was a great morning! And I'm so excited that the next time I see this afghan it will be cuddled around MISS SOFIA!!!!!!!


  1. Awesome post, Lisa. I LOVE the pics you got of John Michael. Can you send some over? Our boys were funny together and, yes, those Goldfish were not safe in Sheridan's hands. Sorry! :-) The morning was a perfect reminder of how this extra chromosome has linked us all together and now we're linking it through an afghan and a new little girl on the other side of the world. It's all just so amazing! Thanks for organizing this -- it was great to be a part of.

  2. I ALWAYS enjoy your blog...but this post was especially beautiful.So sorry we weren't able to be there this morning.We thought of all of you ALL day.
    LOVE♥LOVE the wording photo-op backdrop~so clever.

  3. Wow, you all are so lucky to have each other! What a darling group! I wish so much I had something like this.

  4. SOOO stinkin' cool! I can't tell you how bummed I am that I missed this. All of these new sweet friends will have to come back soon!

    I am over the moon that Sweet Sofia can be wrapped up in all of our love in just nine days. :)

  5. I am so sad that I missed this!!!!! (Cody has his eye procedure tomorrow and we weren't to bring him around other kids in case he caught a cold.)

    It looks like everyone had a great time!!!! Thank you for taking pictures of Jen receiving the blanket. Makes me feel like I was there!!!

  6. What an awesome play date and the afghan is beautiful!

  7. I love the fact that you and Sheridan have all these kids to hang out with. I so wish that there were more kids in our area with DS. I would love for Claire to be able to have a playdate like this. I was also cracking up at Sheridan stacking the watermelon!