02 January 2010

It's Phenomenal, Fabulous, and Fantastic, and It's All YOU

Dan just launched an amazing new blog called The Phenomenal, Fabulous, Fantastic Ds BlogBlog that highlights the best of our entire blogging community. Here's how he describes TPFFDSBB:

This blog is a collection of very personal stories about the singular experience of Down syndrome. The posts on this blog originally appeared on other blogs – they were written by parents of children who have Ds. These particular posts have been selected for inclusion in the Compendium of Wisdom because they are exceptional – the best of the best. They contain hard-won knowledge about pain and love, pearls of truth as valuable as any equation contained in any parchment that ever graced the shelves of the Library of Alexandria.

I am humbled and honored that he chose one of my posts for TPFFDSBB.

Check it out! And learn how YOU can help him build this amazing site to serve as a roadmap for new parents.

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