10 October 2009


One year, 1 month, 2 weeks, and 3 days old... and Sheridan finally popped a tooth! Okay, it's more like a shiny, jaggedy, razor-sharp, sliver of bright-white tooth edge that's barely peeking up out of his bottom gum. But it's out enough to slice you if you're not careful. And it's definitely cutting through more and more each day, and the second one right next to it looks like it might follow soon!

About freaking time if you ask me. That poor boy has been teething since he was 4 months old... that means he's been working on this one tooth for longer than he gestated in my womb. Sorry for the graphic comparison, but this boy deserves some serious accolades over this accomplishment. And many of you know that teething has been a major focus in our family for months now.

Which brings me to Jen's i did it campaign...

Sheridan's milestones (especially his fine motor and cognition milestones) have been flying in fast and furious lately. So many new things were happening so fast that I decided I would wait for him to accomplish a big doozy of a milestone. His participation in the campaign would be some sort of grand debut and celebration of an amazing new skill (so we could celebrate the many, many things he's accomplished lately - even if I haven't had time to write about all of them).

But you know what, I think his first tooth is just as praise worthy!

This is how I imagine Sheridan felt:

Before the tooth came through...

And after...


  1. Way to go Sheridan. Love the picture and circle of the tooth. Too cute. I am glad he is feeling better. Wysdom is teething too and could gum your hand off if we let him. Sheridan you look so cute in your t-shirt!!!

  2. Good Post..!


  3. woohoo! Congrats on the new tooth! Great photo too!

  4. LOVE it!!! And HUGE CONGRATS to Sheridan!!!! Way to go buddy! I can't wait to see your new smile with pearly whites inside :)!

  5. I think M just popped through that very same tooth!

  6. Love the before and after. Hurray for the tooth. We know how painful they are and how long they take to come in. Hopefully he'll be used to the sensation and the next 20 won't be so bad :-) Miss you guys!

  7. Great pics. He is so stinkin cute :-) He looks pretty happy about that tooth. Can you come over and get a nice close up of Summer's teeth for me? I can't get her mouth open long enough to get a pic...

  8. Sheridan,congratulations on the new tooth!You are so darn handsome!
    Lisa great job on getting a picture of Sheridan's tooth!Ruby has some but she wont let me get any pictures:(